Support your club by joining the 100 Club, Orion’s own Lotto. Deadline of February 2023 to join for next year’s draws!!!!

The 100 Club runs like this:

The numbers are £20 each for the year for monthly draws of 1st prize £40, 2nd £25, and 3rd £15. In March and October there are big prizes of £160, £60 and £25. You can have as many numbers as you like. In December we have an extra draw for all those numbers that didn’t get picked in the year. So 13 chances of winning some money for £20 per number!

Members join at the beginning of the year and I can accept new members up to the end of February 2021. The standing order form on this page should be completed and sent to your bank (see “100 Club Standing Order Mandate” below). The Standing order form can be cancelled at any time for the next year.

The 100 Club has provided the bootwash outside the Club, mats and soap hooks for the changing rooms as well as paying for the Honours boards, re-framing all the Club photos, a laptop and kitchen equipment.

Any questions please contact

Ray Valins,  tel: 020 85041876

Don Ford tel: 01621869181