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Sad news - Ted Hefford Long serving member Ted Hefford died on 18th May 2022. Ted was the winner of the very first Orion 15. Club Captain 1960 -64. Full obituary written by our club archivist and past president Ron Bond here Ted Hefford Obit

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Keeping Orion email out of spam…

Dear members and runners, Recently the Orion email domain (@orionharriers.com) got temporarily blocked by Microsoft and we were unable to send emails to Outlook and Hotmail/Live accounts because too many of our emails were being spammed. We have been unblocked now but we need to take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again and you can all help... Go to google and search for "xxxx add sender to safe list" replacing xxxx with your email provider i.e gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc. Follow the instructions you find in the search results and make the following email addresses safe:webmaster@orionharriers.com membership@orionharriers.com info@orionharriers.com [...]

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Summer Fixtures 2017

If you're fretting about booking your summer holidays because you want to win the summer Grand Prix a draft copy of the fixtures is here.  The fixture card will be dropping through your letter box soon. 2017 Draft Summer Fixtures Also on club website fixtures page.

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The 100 Club Results April

Hi all,   Results are coming thick and fast here! The winners for April are: 38 Collette Gobby  £40 1   Sally Weston     £25 43 Don Ford           £15 If you want to find out more about the 100 Club, please free to contact Ray Valins (ray.valins@talktalk.net)

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The latest 100 Club Results!

The latest results are in for Orion's own version of the Lotto! Sorry for the delay, but here they are; JAN 88 Les Stowe  £40 86 Bryan Elvy £25 93 John Hoy    £15 FEB 89 Britannia      £40 12 Christina Watson £25 74 Lawrie Durrant £15 MAR (big prizes) 39 Chris Love   £160 11 Sheena Penfold £60 13 Steve Bunce   £25 If you want to find out more about the 100 Club, please free to contact Ray Valins (ray.valins@talktalk.net)

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Essex Champs Results

Fantastic Orion turnout in both Men's and Women's races. Bronze medals for women. Men just missed out in 4th place. Gold medals for U20 Men's team And a fabulous individual Gold for Joseph Owen in the U17 Men Download Excel file here essex-champs-jan-2017

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