Handicap Races

The Races

There are 4 handicap races in the club fixtures calendar each year

Summer Handicap  –  5 miles in May

Winter Handicap    –  5 miles in October

7.5 mile Handicap  – a home Mob Match

10 mile Handicap  – the Mercury

How It Works

The summer and winter 5 mile handicaps are usually the first race of the summer and winter fixture “seasons”.  They are both “yacht handicaps” where the slowest start first, and are followed at intervals by faster and fastest runners.  If the handicapper gets it right (and everyone runs to form) lots of runners finish very close together.

Because they are not separate races you may may be unaware that there are handicap awards for 7.5 miles (a home mob match) and  10 miles (the Mercury)  each year.  The handicap times will be subtracted from runners race times.  Faster runner = smaller handicap time subtracted.

Handicaps are updated to take account of current form a week or two before the race.

The current club handicapper is Bob Jousiffe

Handicap Results

Winter Handicap

14th October 2017

John Hanlon photos

Summer Handicap

6th May 2017

Winter Handicap

1st October 2016

Summer Handicap

7th May 2016

Winter Handicap

3rd October 2015

7.5 mile Handicap

21st November 2015

(Blackheath Mob Match)