Mob Matches

What is a Mob Match?

A Mob Match is just us against just one club. Our 3 traditional rivals, who have histories even longer than our own, are Blackheath, Ranelagh and South London Harriers.

Each club fields the biggest “mob” it can muster.  Scoring is based on 3 less than the smaller team’s numbers. E.g. if we are at home and have 50 runners, Blackheath bring 46 runners, then it is 43 to score.

Points are awarded on position and added together.  Lowest total wins.

The format means that even the slowest runners may contribute to the club’s score, each opponent overtaken means a 2 point gain – 1 less for us, 1 more for them.

2019-20 Season Mob Matches

Orion v Blackheath – 19/10/2019 – 2-30pm

Ranelagh v Orion – 02/11/2019 – 12–30pm

Orion v SLH – 28/12/19 – 1-30pm

Alan Dickin Leads Orion Cry

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