Wow! What a turnout on Saturday and what weather! But it didn’t stop 377 year 3-6 pupils doing their mile run on Chingford Plains.

Thank you again to the wonderful volunteers from Orion Harriers and the pupils from Chingford Foundation who made this race a great success. Thank you to all the parents, carers,families, teachers and friends who came to cheer and support not just their own, but all the pupils running.

Medals and trophies were given out on Saturday after the event but here are the results for those schools who weren’t present:


GIRLS RACE – 189 runners representing 27 schools and the team competition 17 teams

Ist  Maisy Silverstone – Woodford Green Prep

2nd Ciara – Handsworth

3rd Libby Gosling – Buckhurst Hill primary


TEAM [top 5 runners home]

1st Henry Maynard – 68 points

2nd Buckhurst Hill – 118 points

3rd Chingford C of E – 146 points


4th Greenleaf A – 165 points


[This is a change to the results that were given out on Saturday. All teams are to keep their medals but an additional set will be given to Henry Maynard]


TEAM [ First team to get their 8th runner home after the top 3 team medallists were handed out]

Henry Maynard was read out on Saturday but are now in 1st place.


Greenleaf A – 8th place runner 52nd


Other girls’ team positions:

5th Woodford Green Prep

6th Chase Lane

7th Oaklands

8th Handsworth

9th Greenleaf B

10th Woodside

11th Hillyfield

12th Larkswood A

13th Chingford C of E B

14th Parkside

15th Larkswood B

16th Larkswood C

17th Larkswood D


Other schools represented:

Theydon Bois

Ivy Chimneys

Roger Ascham

Chapel End

Mission Grove


Nightingale, Redbridge

Wanstead Church, Redbridge


Ainslie Wood




Burnt Mill, Harlow



BOYS RACE – 188 runners representing 25 schools and in the team competition 18 teams

1st Stan – Greenleaf

2nd William Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg

3rd Nathan Gladman – Theydon Bois Primary


TEAM [top 6 runners home]

1st Chingford C of E – 106 points

2nd Buckhurst Hill – 145 points

3rd Greenleaf A – 170 points


TEAM [First team to get their 8th runner home after the top 3 team medallists were handed out]


Handsworth – 8th place runner 76th


Other boys’ team positions:


4th Handsworth

5th Theydon Bois

6th Woodford Green Prep

7th Woodside

8th Yardley

9th Chingford C of E B

10th Hillyfield

11th Chase Lane

12th Henry Maynard

13th Larkswood A

14th Coppermill

15th Parkside

16th Greenleaf B

17th Larkswood B and C [joint]


Other schools represented:


Ivy Chimneys

Burnt Mill, Harlow


Chapel End



Roger Ascham

Nightingale, Redbridge


St Anthonys, Redbridge

St Edmunds, Herts


Shona Gordon School Games Organiser – Waltham Forest School Sports Network and School Sports Coordinator Chingford Foundation School 07851038909