The Knowledge Experience Exchange Sessions – The KEE Sessions

‘Coach and Dr’ Eric Paul talks marathon training and nutrition

Orion Harriers KEE Session July 2022

Background -We have seen talks organised by Angie and Paula over the past couple of years. Continuing in the same vein, we will be organising a series of sessions to allow our members to share knowledge with one another. Want to draw up a training plan? Join a session from a Coach who can tell you how to create one for the first time (or how to tweak your current training plan to further improve). Trying to break 3hrs or 4hrs for a Marathon? – join a session with someone who has done it before. Want to hear about the best running shoes out there right now? Join a session from a running journalist as they list the best 10 around.

Format – Sessions hosted on Zoom meetings using the Orion account, there will be two formats for these sessions

Workshops – interactive sessions with a small number of participants to focus on the session’s subject.

Talks – A bigger meeting where we ask a special guest speaker to join us and talk on a subject of their choosing.

We already have some great hosts lined up….they will be announced in the near future.

Frequency – Once a month is the aim. Thursdays at 7pm will be the suggested time slot but this is not set in stone.

Registration – Anyone interested in joining a session will need to sign up to the KEE group on the app Spond. This will allow us to know (& limit) the number of joiners and then send out the Zoom details to them via the App.

Any sessions will be announced on Spond, with the first Workshop being announced this week. So please download the app and join this group

We need to respect the hosts putting their time in to hold a session. If you repeatedly register for an event and do not attend, you will be excluded from the Group.

Who can host a session? Anyone!!! We are a community based running & athletics club. We need people to step forward and take sessions. The sessions can be limited to a group of 3 people or go up to 100, whatever the host feels comfortable with. If you have some knowledge or experience that other members at the club could learn from, please take a session. Or please feel free to arrange for a speaker to step forward (please do not simply suggest a topic, try and find a willing speaker).

Send me an email if you are happy to set up a session or have a speaker that you want to contact. Dave (