Mid Week League

Some background info

The MidWeek Road Race League (MWRRL) is our priority summer competition
Races are at roughly 2 week intervals from late May to mid July
Most of our rival clubs are in Hertfordshire.
The League has 2 divisions with a 2 up, 2 down promotion/relegation system each year. Both divisions have separate races.  We are in division 1 for the 2022 season.

There are 4 League races, distances vary, but 5 miles and 10k are most common.
The 5th race is a “Mob Match” between all clubs from both divisions.  The seasons awards are presented after this race.
Races are usually on Wednesday or Thursday, usually starting at 7.45pm but check individual fixture
The host club provides refreshments after each race so although the competition is serious they are social events too.
Team competitions are based on 12 to score for men and 8 to score for women, with separate trophies, as well as the overall trophy with men’s and women’s scores combined.
There are also separate vets team competitions based on 6 men and 3 women
Individual awards are awarded in 5 men’s age categories (Senior, M40, M50, M60 and M70) and 5 women’s age categories (Senior, W35, W45, W55, W65)

Fixtures, Results and Links

For previous years results, as far back as 2003 please see:


2023 Fixtures

MAY 17 Chingford
MAY 31 St. Albans
JUNE 8 Trent Park
JULY 6 Stevenage

Key Points

  • we need at least 12 men and 8 women at each race
  • the races are free to club members
  • you must wear your club vest
  • all abilities are welcome, indeed encouraged to run as you can affect other team scores without scoring for your own team
  • keep the number you are given at your first race and re-use in subsequent races (including mob match)
  • travel details will be sorted close to event, including lifts and car sharing
  • junior members (over 15 can race)