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Junior Contacts

Jane Farrier
Jane FarrierClub manager and coach
020 8523 2642 / 07790 737 164
Hi, I’m Jane. I am the Junior’s Club Manager and Coach. I am a UKA L2 Group Event Coach.
Angela Brockway
Angela BrockwayJunior membership secretary
07804 926281
Hi – I’m Angela. I enjoy voluntarily supporting Orion Harriers with their admin and at events, and my rule of life would be everything can be sorted over a cup of tea and a slice of cake!
Denise Weston;
Denise Weston; Welfare Officer
07528 610 172
Hi – I’m Denise and I am the Welfare Officer for Orion Harriers, if you have any concerns or issues please contact me.
Katie Inch and Jordan Chrisostomou
Katie Inch and Jordan Chrisostomou2016 to 2017 Junior Captains
Christine Inch
Christine InchCommittee member
07796 605704
Liz Ewen
Liz EwenCommitte member
07909 776659
Steve Adams
Steve AdamsAuditor
07803 704 811
Ged Shaw
Ged ShawCommitte member
Lorraine Gosling
Lorraine GoslingU9 & U11 Race Co-ordinator & Committee member
Chris FinneyCommitte member and coach
07748 236 422
Chris InchTreasurer
Andy DayRefreshments and Committee Member
Keeley CarrKit manager 07772 252 010
Siobhan PearceTeam Race Entries & Committee Member