Tim Wright


How did your running journey start?

I was a fat, asthmatic kid and my father told me to join a sport when I started secondary school. Having watched Coe and Ovett fight out the 1980 Olympics and being rubbish at football, made running an obvious choice.

What were/are your main/favourite distances?

On the track anything from 800m to 5k (my favourite) and then anything cross country and road.

What would you consider your greatest personal athletic achievement, and what did it mean to you?

Obviously captaining Orion to a couple of mobmatch triples is hard to beat. Individually, I won a county schools title and I do still hold the unofficial 5mile world record in 20:14, though there is some question over ratifying the course 🙂

How did/has your approach to running change(d) throughout your career?

Chronic achilles tendinopathy has limited my training for many years.

Favourite race you’ve seen and why

Orion 15.

What injuries have you had, how did you treat them, and how did it affect you mentally?

Achilles tendinopathy. I’ve tried everything short of surgery.

What is your number one piece of advice?

Increasing your basic speed is key and enjoy your running as much as you can.