Club Fixtures

The club fixture card is printed and sent to members twice a year. Many are free to enter but some require members to enter, and pay, individually.

Have a look at the Summer 2017 Fixtures have in store before the Fixture card is posted through your door.

2017 Draft Summer Fixtures


The club’s winter fixtures are focussed on cross country events.
There are 3 Mob Matches against our traditional rivals Blackheath, Ranelagh, and South London Harriers.
We take part in two leagues, each with 5 or 6 races per season.
Essex League has races for all age groups, against clubs from all over the county.
Chingford League is a little less pressurised against 10 more local rival clubs.
The season finishes with our 15 mile classic, now over 60 years old, the Orion 15

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2016-17 Senior Winter Fixtures

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Next races

If you have raced this season you feature in the Grand Prix Competition

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