Relaunching summer 2022

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A few groups meet at 19:00 on a Thursday evening at

Orion Harriers
Jubilee Retreat
Bury Road
E4 7QJ

The session is led by former men’s captain Brian Jenkins. The session takes place on the road during winter months and forest trails during the summer season. Each week is a different challenge over a different route. All abilities welcome as the sessions are split into groups depending on attendance. No one gets left behind at Orion, please come along as it really will improve your stamina for your upcoming engagements.

Sample session – Group 1

‘The sixes’ – 6 x 6 mins Tempo with 1 min rest @ 6-6.30 mm

‘The middle one’ – 12/12/12 – 3 x 12 min Tempo with 2 min rest @ 6-6-30 mm

‘The get it out the way one!’ – 18/12/6 min Tempo with 3/2/1 min rest @ 6-6-30 mm