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Training Sessions

There are training runs most days from either the clubhouse or Walthamstow Pool and Track to cater for all members. As well as the times below, additional training runs are often arranged on an ad hoc basis each week so if you want to run at a different time – just ask!

Day Session
Monday No Club Session
Tuesday 7:30 pm Speed – track (Waltham Forest Pool & Track)
Tuesday 7:00 pm Intervals/hills – Cross Country/road (Club)
Wednesday 7:00 pm Steady –  Cross Country/Road (Club)
Thursday 7:00 pm Tempo – Cross Country/Road (Club)
Friday No Club Session
Saturday 9:30 am Cross Country Beginners (Club)
Sunday 8:30 am Long run – Cross Country (Club)No Club Session
Day Session
Monday No Club Session
Tuesday 5:30 pm Under 11’s Fun Athletics
Tuesday  6:30 pm Over 11’s Track & Field
Wednesday 7:00 pm Cross Country/Road
Thursday 7:00 pm Tempo Run
Friday No Club Session
Saturday 10:30 am Track & Field
Sunday 10:00 am Cross Country

Injury and Illness

If you have a pre-existing medical condition or any concerns about your health, the club suggests that you consult your GP before taking up running. If you become ill, it is advisable to take a cautious approach to training and either refrain totally or reduce the intensity of your training depending on the severity of your illness. You should always ensure you have recovered from illness before returning to full training.

Injuries are an inevitable part of running. It is advisable not to continue running after an injury has been sustained and you should seek professional advice. Club committee and other members have used many local physiotherapists and are happy to advise other club members. There are currently sessions available with a local physiotherapist on Tuesday evenings at pool and track.

Running Advice

For further advice on running, please feel free to talk to club members who will be happy to share with you their race experiences, training, injury woes etc.

For detailed advice on training, please talk to our club coaches or contact a committee member who will try to help.

Find us

Our clubhouse, Jubilee Retreat, is a 5 minute walk from Chingford Rail and Bus stations.
There is no parking at the clubhouse please use the Chingford Plain Car Park

Orion Harriers HQ
Jubilee Retreat
Bury Road
E4 7QJ

HQ Car Park
Chingford Plain Car Park
Bury Road

Orion Track Sessions
Waltham Forest Pool and Track
170 Chingford Rd
E17 5AA