Epping Forest – “our home”

Epping Forest is London’s largest open space, covering about 6000 acres. It is a registered charity managed by the City of London Corporation

239081_origThe Corporation has a huge website. To get to it’s Epping Forest section click here

Go straight to the Walking and Running section which recommends Orion Harriers. This section has info about waymarked trails, including maps, suitable for beginners or those new to the forest.

182153The developer and manager of Orion’s original website, Roddy MacLennan does the same job for the Friends Of Epping Forest. His description of the forest on the Friends “About” page is very informative.

Mike Tomlins has been an Orion member for 50 year and as a former editor of the Orion Gazette he wrote the article ‘Our Beloved Forest’ in March 1991 with an addendum in 2007.


Epping Forest Gate Numbers

Epping Forest Gates